so i’ve decided

………on my next tattoo. and it’s going to be this. the middle one. setting up the appointment tomorrow, or sometime this week, for the end of august. 

i learned a lot this summer, and the thing i want to remember, going into my junior year, and into my first apartment, and into the real world, kind of, is that no burden is too heavy. this summer…i know it just sounds like ungrateful bitching, i know i’m more fortunate than i’m ever going to realize, i know people have WORLDS bigger problems than me, but. it’s tough to wake up every day and spend 10 hours feeling incompetent, to walk into a job and feel like you don’t know anything, that you’re fucking up at every turn. that’s…not a good feeling, and more than once i went home in tears. but i learned something every single time i fucked something up. i’m walking out of this job next wednesday a little tougher and a little more knowledgeable. i know more about design programs than i ever could’ve learned in two months on my own. and i know now exactly what i DON’T want to spend my life doing, and that i’m going to work so damn hard so that i can spend it doing something i look forward to doing every day.

and i want something i can carry with me, that i can look at, to remind myself of that. 

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